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Before of use the forum read it.

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Guidelines for write posts on this forum

1. Research Before Asking

When you’re about to ask a question online, please do a little bit of research first. Chances are that someone had the exact same question, asked it online, received an answer, and the whole thing was indexed by your favorite search engine. So instead of making someone else search Google for you, just do it yourself. You may of course ask your question, if you couldn’t find anything relevant or if you couldn’t make sense of it.
If you fail to adhere to this rule, you may well find yourself forwarded to this page one day.

2. Use Subject Lines Properly

Most of us suffer from information overload and we use subject lines to scan and evaluate the content of an email or forum post. If you want us to open and read your message, use a relevant and descriptive subject line that adequately describes the content of your message. Single keywords don’t work, but something like ‘I need help with temperature probes‘ gives a good idea what the request may be about.

3. Be Brief

So you were lucky and someone decided open and read your post. What they find then is a single paragraph of a thousand words, which, in the worst of cases, lacks punctuation. Frustration!
Again, you can make it easy for people to scan your message and quickly reply. Use short sentences. Pack them into short paragraphs of no more than 5 sentences. Actually, try to keep your message as brief as 5 short sentences – and please stay on topic!

4. Spell Check & Proof Read

We are all human, so we all misspell words or make typos. That’s what spell checkers are for. Please use them.
Proof reading, on the other hand, is something you have to do manually. It helps you notice missing words, bad grammar, typos that change the meaning of a word and are thus not caught by your spell check. If you have images to post remember of put it in the right position. Images rotated are hard to understand.



Typing in all CAPITALS or UPPER CASE letters, is the written equivalent of yelling or shouting. Obviously, shouting at someone is very rude. So please turn off the CAPS LOCK when communicating in writing online. If for some reason you cannot turn it off, do mention it to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings.


6. Use Emoticons

It’s very difficult to express emotions in writing. Hence, use emoticons to indicate disappointment :( or a joke ;) or other feelings in your messages. Emoticons can help to avoid misunderstandings. But please don't abuse of the quantity.

7. Be Courteous

Remember that there is a human being on the other side of the screen, too. They deserve to be treated with respect and courtesy, just as you would like to be treated. Moreover, everything you do online is on record and can haunt you for years to come.


This text was based on this post : 7 Netiquette Guidelines For Writing Emails & Forum Posts

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