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Add WiFi with less than $5

Ask here about your controller made with pieces purchased in other shops.

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I'm happy to say now is possible add WIFI to your DIY controller with less than $5.

For it is needed a NodeMCU and a logic level shifter because it works with 3.3V.

I'm using a NodeMCU V3 because it has an ESP-12 and USB interface built-in and it's very cheap.


1 x NodeMCU V3 ;
1 x Logic level shifter 5 to 3.3 V



See the video to learn how to set up the MQTT client.

Warning: Don't forget to turn off the UART debug log in ESP-link interface.

Watch on

Enjoy! :)

PS. Any model of ESP8266 supported by ESP-link can be used but please do not ask me how to make the wiring to change the firmware.
Please do not PM me for support unless it is absolutely necessary.

I'll not write custom function to nobody unless you can pay for my job.

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