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TFT shield kit retired from Itead

Ask here about your controller made with pieces purchased in other shops.

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Since the TFT shield kit was retired from Itead Studio the alternative is buy an assembled TFT shield and RTC module (without external EEPROM).

TFT shield:


To use this TFT shield with an ethernet shield you should remove pins 50, 51, 52 and 53 to prevent conflict with SD card slot on TFT.


To use this TFT shield with an ethernet module you should remove the pin 53 then make a bridge to pin 4 like this:


Leaving the pin 53 on TFT shield and adding the bridge you are making a short circuit between pins 4 and 53 on Arduino.

RTC DS3231 module:


The connection should be:

+ to 5V
- to GND
D (SDA) to 20
C (SCL) to 21
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