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Ask here about your controller made with pieces purchased in other shops.

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Hello Fernando,
Thanks for the super work you did.
I'm planning to start a new aquarium and I would like to manage it with ferduino.
At the moment I am in the test phase.
I'm testing the pcf8575, the temperature sensor circuit, the webcontrol, the level sensors and everything works very well. But I have a big doubt for the atlas scientific multiplexer.
The circuit you show is for the old pcb and the new one requires an extra pin (s1, s2, s3). Is it compatible with ferduino?
Congratulations again for the beautiful project

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Welcome Gio!

Thanks for your kind words.

Connect according for this table:


S1 to 16
S2 to 17
S3 to GND

P1 to tank pH
P2 to Reactor pH
p3 to ORP
p4 to EC

Best regards.
Please do not PM me for support unless it is absolutely necessary.

I'll not write custom function to nobody unless you can pay for my job.

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