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ULN2003 and step down modules  [SOLVED]

Ask here about your controller made with pieces purchased in other shops.

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I found this board to connect with the dosing pump and also one to convert from 5v to 12v.
Does it work perfect?
I'm researching and the more plates I find the better ... 4440StVljW ... 0058389292
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This ULN module will give more problem than solution.

Separated module require more wires and more wires are susceptible to bad contact and so on.

The circuit for dosing pumps or fans is very simple and can be assembled in the prototype shield.

Maybe this picture can make the things more clear to you.



This step down module should be used to convert 12 V from power supply to 5 V.

5V is to feed Arduino and others circuits.

Best regards.
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