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T5 + LED hybrid  [SOLVED]

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Hello Fernando,
I want to use T5 fluorescence with Led but I have question marks in my head.

White led on (maximum) --> white fluorescent on.
White led off (minimum) --> white fluorescent off.
Blue led on (maximum) --> blue fluorescent on.
Blue led off (minimum) --> blue fluorescent off.
UV led on (maximum) --> actinic fluorescent on.
UV led off (minimum) --> actinic fluorescent off.

How to do it ? And another question.
Can I use the led driver on the link below? ... -1a-detail


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Welcome Bulent!

You can control T5 using timers.

You can use this driver but not as shield because pins 2 - 6 are used for touch screen. Connect the pins using wires.

Best regards.
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