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Problem loading IDE with multiplexer  [SOLVED]

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Boa note,

I recently purchased the Atlas Scientific multiplexer along with two EZO pH circuits and two Electrically Isolated EZO Carrier Boards. I attach the connection scheme that I followed, as I also use the ESP8266 module instead of using pins 16 and 17 I used the A6 and A7 that I have free.

If I test with the test code and under the baud rate, 9600 works perfectly and I receive correct readings from the two probes (if I leave it in 34800, it shows erroneous characters).foto1:

The problem occurs when loading the code of Ferduino, when enabling the lines #define STAMPS_EZO,STAMP FOR TANK PH and STAMP FOR CALCIUM REACTOR, the screen remains in black and with blank screenshots.

I do not understand what the problem is.
Can you help me?
Tks and regards

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Please do not PM me for support unless it is absolutely necessary.

I'll not write custom function to nobody unless you can pay for my job.

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