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DS1307 pin assignment  [SOLVED]

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Hello Fernando

Before getting lost in the stormy code, I have a doubt that you will surely know how to solve immediately.

In adapting your code to my application, I am using the DS1307new library that does not have the possibility of attaching other pins to 20 and 21.
On the other hand, I want to use a PCF8745, which, in my case, should be with pins 18 and 19.

However, you change the pins, is there any reason why you change the pins ?, in other words, can I use the RTC with pins 20 and 21 and PCF8575 with pins 18 and 19 ?.

Thanks for your time and attention,
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Please use all letters in uppercase only if it's an abbreviation.

As explained here for latest version of Ferduino code the RTC should be connected to 20 and 21.

It's was a limitation from Henning's library but I have edited it to solve this problem.

Actually there's no reason to change the library.

Best regards.
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