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Ato problem  [SOLVED]

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Hi Fernando!
A strange thing happened to me. I am testing the cooler and I noticed that when it is working the ato does not go. As soon as the chiller turns off the ato starts again. No problem when the heater is in operation. Can you help me ?

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This not a problem it's a feature.

Since there's possibility to happen a leak while chiller is working the ATO function is ignored to prevent fill all the tank with freshwater.

You can see all conditions here:

void reposicao_agua_doce () // abre a solenoide 1 se o nível estiver baixo e se a tpa não estiver em andamento
// e se o chiller estiver desligado e se o nível do sump não estiver anormal e se não houve falha durante uma tpa.

    if ((analogRead(sensor3) > 400) && (analogRead(sensor2) > 400) && (bitRead(tpa_status, 1) == false) && (bitRead(status_parametros, 0) == false) && (bitRead(tpa_status, 2) == false))
      PCF8575.digitalWrite(solenoide1Pin, HIGH);
      bitWrite(Status, 1, 1); // sinaliza reposição em andamento
      PCF8575.digitalWrite(solenoide1Pin, LOW);
      bitWrite(Status, 1, 0);

Best regards.
Please do not PM me for support unless it is absolutely necessary.

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