This project is based on the Arduino platform.

This project started from the need to make partial water changes automatics in my 3 tanks.
After accomplishing what I wanted, the project has grown to the point it’s today.

The code was written based on version 2.1 of Stilo available here.

All work was done thanks to the people who devote their time sharing their knowledge on forums.

Therefore, this is completely Open Source and always will be.


Temperature control for water;
PH control for calcium reactor;
PH monitor for tank;
ORP control;
Density monitor;
Auto top off;
Level monitor;
Partial water change automatic;
LED light control for 6 channels (5 day light + 1 moonlight);
Temperature control for LED;
Control for 5 timers;
Dosage control for up to 6 dosing pumps;
Control for DC pumps;
Graphs of parameters;
Web control, graphs and status in real time online (beta);
Automatic feeder.


Energy monitor.